Kathy Petrino Praises the Tourism Appeal of Asheville, North Carolina

Kathy Petrino is a voracious world traveler who also happens to love writing about her favorite travel destinations. She truly intends to see as much of the world as possible during her lifetime and she really loves to share what she learns with others. That’s why Kathy writes enthusiastically about every voyage. She wants more people to visit those destinations so they thrive and she can continue to enjoy them. However, Kathy Petrino writes about every aspect of every trip because she wants readers to avoid the occasional pitfalls that come with frequent travel.

One of Kathy Petrino’s favorite travel destinations is the gorgeous Southern city of Asheville, North Carolina, which she feels is one of the most eclectic and artistic small cities in the United States. Asheville has managed to crawl its way into the national spotlight as a phenomenal city for artists nd the arts. Right now, Asheville features more than 200 artists showing off their work all over the city’s River Arts District, considered among the most diverse arts districts anywhere in the U.S.

Asheville is also highly regarded for the fine food in their restaurant district, an area Kathy Petrino loves. The district features far more award-winning chefs than are found in most cities of roughly the same size. The variety of food also pair nicely with the hundreds of craft beers that are served up by breweries all over the city. Kathy Petrino wants you to know there are many other things to do in Asheville, particularly around the French Broad River, which features paddle boating or kayaking experiences and the Blue Ridge Mountains, for those who may be fond of hiking and/or exploring the wilderness.

Kathy Petrino Wants More People to Visit Napa Valley

Perhaps because Kathy Petrino spends a lot of time traveling, she also loves to write about her travels, as a way of encouraging others to make the same trips, so those destinations thrive. Kathy is passionate about seeing everything in the world, but she also loves to share. She writes about every aspect of every trip, if only to make sure her readers avoid the occasional pitfalls that come with travel.

Among Kathy Petrino’s favorite travel destinations is the Napa Valley in California, a destination that has changed mightily over the years. A trip to the Napa Valley once meant heading “up-valley” to quaint little towns like Oakville, Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga. Nowadays, while people still love those places, more often, they simply stay in downtown Napa, with its great hotels and top-of-the-line restaurants, great nightlife and more. The vineyards are beautiful and the wine is tasty, but there is so much more to see and do in Napa Valley. There are so many places to visit and so many sights to see, visitors often find it hard to choose.

Kathy Petrino – Seattle’s Top Spots

When Kathy Pertino visited Seattle, Washington she found a mix of a small fishing town that is met with a booming digital and advanced business space because of the location of the new Amazon offices as well as the two different Boeing spaces. In addition to the Space Needle and the different fish markets, there are also some beautiful hiking spots and of course many different coffee shops. As the home of the original Starbucks, there are also many other privately owned, smaller coffee shops that boast incredible brews of coffee. Kathy Petrino enjoys getting to experience the local flavors of different travel destinations and then write about them.

Travel Blogger Kathy Petrino Says, Visit Las Vegas

Kathy Petrino appreciates her role as a travel blogger, which is why she is sure to provide lots of insight on the places she visits. She truly wants them to have a great trip when they follow her to the best travel destinations. Kathy Petrino’s strong sense of adventure makes her want readers to see everything, including places like Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only is Las Vegas one of the most popular destinations in the world, it also ranks as one of Kathy Petrino’s favorites. It’s not just because “everything in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but because it is just fun.

Kathy Petrino wants readers to know here is something to see and do for everyone in the family, even if they don’t like to gamble. There are few places in the world more accommodating than Las Vegas and that is one reason it often ranks among the least expensive travel destinations anywhere. There is so much inexpensive and free entertainment available in Las Vegas, it makes the place very impressive. For instance, you can watch free circus acts at Circus Circus, or you can view the Eiffel Tower at one hotel, the canals of Venice at another, and the Manhattan skyline at year another. And if you think everything looks great from street level, you should see it all from the many helicopter and plane operations in the area. They make everything seem even more impressive.

Travel Blogger Kathy Petrino Thinks You Should Visit Las Vegas

Kathy Petrino is a travel blogger who likes to write about the places she visits because she wants others to know about them and encourage them to enjoy them as she has all these years. Kathy has a strong sense of adventure and by writing about her adventures, she can encourage others to share in the fun and enjoy the same sorts of things. One of Kathy Petrino’s favorite places to travel is Las Vegas, Nevada and she would really love if everyone went there. She doesn’t like it just because “everything in Vegas stays in Vegas,” either. She loves the city because it is simply a city full of fun. That’s true even if you don’t like gambling.

Of course, if you love to gamble, Kathy Petrino says there are few places in the world more accommodating than Las Vegas. However, there is far more to Las Vegas than risking all of your money to games of chance. Las Vegas can also be among the least expensive travel destinations in the country because of all the available deals and because of the free and very cheap entertainment all over the city, starting with the free circus acts on display at Circus Circus.

Also, if you think the Las Vegas Strip looks cool as you drive through or walk along the sidewalk, Kathy Petrino wants you to know you can traverse the city in a helicopter. Visit a facsimile of the Eiffel Tower at one hotel/casino, or cruise the canals of Venus at another. There are the death-defying amusement park rides, there is a miniature Manhattan skyline with a roller coaster running through it, and there is a large castle rising up next to a giant pyramid. Lots to see at a fair price.

Touring Hawaii With Kathy Petrino

Kathy Petrino is a voracious world traveler, who wants to see everything she can during her life. Happily for us, Kathy also loves to write about her travels. This is because she loves to share everything and she wants others to have the same great experiences she has had. She enthusiastically writes about every destination as if she was the first one to see it because that is how she likes to feel when she goes herself. She thinks of herself as something of an explorer, who treats every destination as a new discovery.

One of Kathy Petrino’s favorite destinations just happens to be everyone’s favorite tropical paradise of Hawaii, which is the 50th state; a group of islands, each with its own special something to offer almost anyone. There is the great surfing on Oahu and the cosmopolitan flair of Honolulu, the natural beauty of Maui to the hidden natural treasures on Lanai. In short, Hawaii has something for everyone, including beautiful beaches, amazing jungles, breathtaking waterfalls, excellent swimming and diving, and world-class waves that make the surfers swoon.

As far as Kathy Petrino is concerned, Hawaii is a great destination for families, surfers and honeymooners, among many others.There are just so many things to do. The “Big Island” of Hawaii is home to two of the largest volcanoes on Earth, including Kiluea, which is the most active. If that doesn’t float our boat, you can also swim with manta rays, check out the black sand beaches of Waipi’o Valley or even climb Mauna Kea, or “White Mountain,” which is the highest peak in Hawaii, at 13,796 feet. For those not adventurous enough to swim with mantas or climb mountains, it is also possible to take a helicopter tour of all of the island. You can explore Honolulu, which will remind you of many large cities, or Waikiki, which has a unique blend of Asian and Hawaiian cultures, with just enough American culture mixed in to make you feel at home.